Own idea--->team formation --->business. My lifestyle. My passion and great joy. I have done almost everything in the IT-startup industry. Also outside high-tech. I am an avid and smart networker. Please ask for more info and thank you for dropping by!   OTHER´S IDEA >> Bringing in my own experience and creative mindset. Think tank. complete company image creation, brainstorming, linking contacts, business dev, prototyping and co- founder. I work fast. DESIGNER >> Be there something else that excites me -design.  Concept design, service design, broad range of different design areas from logo creation to expo graphics. Mobile or web. Also slogans and marketing text. VISUAL ARTIST >> I guess it shines through about in everything what I do. I aim to create my own artistic finger print on my works and in case it is at all possible, being somewhat unique. GAME DESIGNER >> My artistic trait comes to surface... mobile games, mainly puzzle games. 2.5D and 3D. Mostly character creation and design. INVENTOR >> I simply love brain storming and prototyping. Visionary thinker. Single- and double shielding mechanism for mobile devices. Complete model gallery based on the invention. Timeless cold brew coffee machine and many others as WIP. Starts: * GUESS...(running) * Lucky2 (On hold) * Sweat2Play (mvp, on hold.) * Songcommunity (killed) * 90mins football online community (active). In cooperation with the Helsinki District Football Association) * RUFFNEKK (on hold) * RUFFNEKK Fight- Gear MMA (unsure) * Alphabeth- Creatives (killed) * Spacy, Mathmind and Jamico (published. Except Mathmind.) * Relax Ally (I left) * CV-Video (killed)  * Video Expo (killed) Major Clients: * Citycon * Nokia * Senseg * Motocut * OIN * OIN Nano and mobile Cluster * Quantalmedia (Tower media) * Siltanet * Heineken * Grönmark- Filtrations * Geo-Union
Client Testimonial OIN CEO, Ari Huczkowski 1. How you would rate my visual thinking? 1-10 Mikko has the unusual quality of being able to visualize 3 dimensionally new and thought provoking ideas and visions. If you can talk about your vision, Mikko can visualize it – and to actually visualize it beyond what your vision was to begin with. 10. 2. Do you see that we listen our clients? Have we been able to come up with some new ideas along with your own? Mikko listens to the client, but he does more than that. He goes “under the skin”, he deeply understands the idea, that’s why he can then produce a tangible vision of the thought. 3. Will you been interested to form a long-term contract with our company? If I were in industry where 3D visualizations were part of the product development process, I would hire him. 4. Do you see that there´ll exist some mutual benefit also from a pure business perspective? What could that be? Generally in all idea generation, thought creation, brainstorming. Bringing a new angle to any thought process. 5. Would you consider to suggest Mikko forward to some other projects? I could right now, if you Mikko created 3 images of a future hybrid or electrical car – or some other wheel-based vehicle carrying 1 to 6 people. I won’t tell you to whom I would show them right now, but if you do this, I will promote your ideas to my contact. -Done! 6. GPA: Mikko is an A-class visualizer and out-of-the-box thinker, a future product development virtuoso! Testimonial from Ari Huczkowski, CEO OIN
Seasoned- Serial Startup- Entrepreneur
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